Peace River

Peace River, Clear Creek District, Alberta

The Company has acquired Metallic & Industrial Minerals rights on an area of approximately 800,000 acres, of land on the Peace River Arch geological formation in north western Alberta. The lands will be operated as a joint venture, with Curlew holding a 50 percent interest in the joint venture with 2 private partners, and Curlew will be the initial operator of the exploration project. The lands lie north and west of the Clear Hills area and cover a structure known as Halverson Ridge and surrounding areas.

Subsequently, the Geological Survey of Canada and Alberta Geological Survey reconnaissance study of map area 84D, Special Report 071, on an area north of the Clear Hills iron ore deposit indicates anomalous gold values in a number of water sheds, with many values in excess of 1,000 ppb gold.

The Clear Hills area of Alberta has been a target for metallic and industrial minerals exploration for decades with renewed interest in recent years. Good progress has been made by two private exploration companies in establishing that the Clear Hills iron ore deposit is a world-class deposit and that significant values in vanadium and gold can be extracted from the iron ores. Recent recognition of vanadium as a battery improving metal and current prices for iron and gold has made the area extremely interesting geologically.

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